I wish more people were like this guy

I don’t have much to add to this photo other than I wish more people felt this way or, in the very least, understood that this school of thought is okay and is how people should be thinking. The fat-phobic sentiments for another person’s body under the guise of health concerns are relentlessly over-played in society.

It is not your body to worry about. It is not your life. Focus on yourself and your life and I will worry about mine.

2 thoughts on “I wish more people were like this guy

  1. mcpherson94

    I totally agree with you totally, people should be left alone to do what they like.. But it only takes fourty minutes max every couple of days to increase physical health/strength/lower fat/well being. That’s virtually no time in the scheme of things. You wouldn’t even have to go to a gym that’s like a couple of pushups and squats for a longer life expectancy and lower risk of disease.. No loss all gain. But you should never force anyone into anything, only give them information to make their own choices 🙂 That’s my two cents.

    1. alisoneve Post author

      I guess “it’s my body let me do what I want” only applies to a woman’s uterus or when someone gets tattoos but not when someone does not work out and is okay being overweight/out of shape. It is no one’s right to blast “information” (read: scare tactics) at another person about what they should or should not be doing, regardless of whether or not they feel they are helping them be healthy. Being overweight =/= unhealthy in every case.

      Death finds us all. It doesn’t matter how many push-ups, pull-ups, stairs climbed or miles run, we’re all going to cease to exist at some point. Most overweight people know the information and choose not to use it, which they should be able to freely do without being made to feel guilty or ugly or judged.

      I appreciate the comment!


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