How to Be Alone

This video has had a profound effect on me. I’ve watched it several times, before and after my move. I’ve been mostly friendless for four years now. My college friends are all in the Pittsburgh area still and my two closest friends are back in Chicago.

Recently this video inspired me to go to a movie by myself for the first time ever. Weird experience, if I’m being honest. It’s hard sitting there watching couples and friends laugh and share popcorn while you’re by yourself. I’m glad I did it (and did it again on my birthday a week ago) because it was step 1 of being alone but not lonely.

I’m no where near comfortable enough to sit alone in a restaurant. I go grocery shopping and to Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Goods to browse on my own. And now the movies. I’m not sure what to try next but I feel like I should keep pushing myself to do more things like this and to be okay with it.

I hope my sharing of this helps even just one person.

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