Pinteresting Find of the Day 6/30/13

Hi my name is Alison and I’m a Pinterest junkie.

I could easily spend hours just browsing DIYs, recipes, tattoos, holiday ideas, home decor, gift ideas, crafts, etc. on Pinterest.  I think it’s a great bookmarking tool that, when utilized correctly, categorizes things in a manner that makes it easy to re-discover later.  I’ve made several recipes I’ve found on Pinterest and have many DIY/craft ideas I would like to try saved there too.  That is why I thought I would sporadically post a Pinteresting Find of the Day.

The above link in the title will take you to 37 Gifts in a Jar.  What a great idea!  I love homemade gifts when they are classy and thoughtful.  When I was a kid some of the holiday gifts I would give to teachers were cookies in a jar recipes (like #16) that they could bake on their own time.  They were fun to build with my mom and were a better presentation than delivering a dozen cookies on a plate.

The links include a wide variety from food to crafts to thoughtful gifts for many occasions.  Hope you enjoy!

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