Saturday Night’s Alright for Blogging

This is a serious question: How do you meet local friends in your mid-twenties?

This is something I’ve struggled with since graduating from college.  Growing up I always had a lot of friends; it’s never been something that is difficult for me.  But after graduating, I quickly realized that friends are hard to come by when you’re not in a school setting with like-minded peers.

Most people I work with have kids who are almost my age and while I enjoy working with them, I will not be hanging out with them any time soon.  I’ve also just moved across the U.S. and am not familiar with the area which puts me at a disadvantage.  I joined in hopes of finding some groups that seemed interesting, but because of my Only Child Syndrome, most of my interests do not rely on other people.  I like reading, cooking, watching movies, jigsaw puzzles, crafts, watching sports, video games and browsing the internet; I don’t need a group of people to do any of that.  Moreover, typical “single girls” groups on there are going out for spa days or to a bar/club or out shopping, none of which I have any interest in and which would only make my anxiety unbearable.

So, I really just don’t know how to meet people.  I suppose I could volunteer or join a book club or take cooking classes and hope I meet some people, but it feels like a shot in the dark.  Is this how it goes for the rest of life?  You meet people when you’re young and you grow apart with age and that’s it?  Most people replace friendships with families and don’t need to see friends?  What about the eternally single people (like myself) who don’t have a family and who probably won’t have one any time soon if ever?

Most of the people I speak to now are online that I’ve met through a few websites.  That’s okay, too, as I enjoy speaking with them and think of them as friends, but it would be nice if I could meet up with someone every once in a while for a movie or dessert or something.


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