Sexism: Not Cool

I never get involved in feminism or sexism or racism or pretty much any -isms of that nature because it just gets too heated in a group of people.  However, I just experienced something that can be explained by nothing other than I am female and my dad is not.

On Friday the check engine light in my car came on.  On Saturday I took it to the mechanic to have it fixed.  After sitting there waiting for 5 hours they told me they didn’t have the right part and it would have to be ordered.  I had to take yesterday off work to bring my car back, where I proceeded to wait another 4 hours for them to fix my car.  $750 later I think I’m all set – how naive.

1 mile into my drive to work this morning and the check engine light ignites again; I’m pretty sure I actually punched my steering wheel.  Luckily because of the holiday, the office was closing at 1pm.  So at 12:45 I snuck out and went straight to the mechanic.  I had called them at 8am after I got to the office to let them know I would be bringing it in, and they were already giving me the hem-and-haw “I don’t know if we can look at it” answer.

So I show up a few minutes after 1pm and the guy says, “Ohhh I don’t know, we’re all booked up.  Can you come back Friday?”  No, I tell him, I can’t.  I can’t take another day off work because I just took yesterday off.  He then tells me no one will be around on Saturday to do an engine diagnostic test either so it will have to wait TEN DAYS until the following Saturday to be looked at.  Unacceptable.  First of all, I have no other mode of transportation and I live by myself with no family or friends in the area.  I need my car.  I try to strong arm them into looking at it, reminding them I was just there for 9 hours the last four days and spent $750.  No dice.

It took a phone call to my dad who spoke to them calmly for the miraculous turn of events to unfold: suddenly someone would be available in an hour to do a diagnostic test on my engine!  Wow, incredible!  It’s truly amazing that no one would be able to fix it for ten days and suddenly someone will be able to look at it in one hour.

So I go sit in the waiting room, again, by myself around 1:45.  I figured I would give them to 3:45 and then I would see how it’s going.  At 3:30 the guy who originally told me there’s probably no way he could even run the test today walks over, hands me my keys and says it’s all fixed.  FOR FREE.

I thanked him profusely for helping me and left happy, but this makes me wonder why when I was by myself it was an impossible request, but involving my dad as a last resort gets the job done?  Why do they expect females to just roll over and accept the original no but somehow find the time, people and ability to charge me $0 when a man wants the same job done?

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